Thursday, April 2, 2009

Making Statism unpopular

Mark Levin has written a new book that presents true Americans in Kentucky with a new weapon to fight back against "statism," the belief that government can solve our problems. The new laser-guided bomb Levin drops is vocabulary. Levin writes,

The Statist has...become masterful at controlling the public vocabulary. For example, when challenged on global warming, he accuses the skeptic of being a 'denier,' 'favoring corporate polluters,' or being 'against saving the planet.' Draconian measures that threaten liberty and prosperity, such as cap-and-trade, are marketed in appealing and benign slogans, such as 'going green.' The Statist never destroys, he 'reforms.' He never disenfranchises, he 'empowers.'"

Richard Weaver popularized the phrase, "Ideas have consequences," but so do words have consequences, too.

Let's begin the fight to take back our freedoms by explaining how government is trashing them. First, read Levin's new book. Second, go to to mount your own personal campaign where you live. Third, attend the tea party of your choice.

Thomas Jefferson wrote, "The natural course of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground."

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