Sunday, June 29, 2008

Frankfort picks your tax increase poison for you

There is increasing buzz around Frankfort about the next effort to raise taxes on Kentuckians.

A cigarette tax is considered a path of somewhat limited resistance, but most forget how easy it is for House and Senate members alike to justify raising taxes on businesses.

That's what they tried to do with HB 302 in the 2008 session. And they succeeded in doing so with HB 258.

Expect them to come back for another bite of the apple in 2009. I'd say a second shot at HB 302 is a fairly likely suspect.

For the children, of course.


Anonymous said...

When a tax is created, an entitlement is created. Once an entitlement program has been dispatched, it can, but WILL NOT ever be taken away. So.... when this tax is transformed into another freebie for a small portion of our society, it is forever. Now.... when smokers are taxed out of smoking, what new tax will have to be created to then will fund that eternal entitlement program?

David Dunn said...

All the more reason to have a proportional tax system as our founders intended.