Thursday, July 24, 2008

Get ready for the Kentucky Horse Tax

Gov. Steve Beshear has announced formation of a task force to save horse racing in Kentucky.

I'll take a wild guess and expect they will want money and tax increases. Oh, and casinos.


KY Curmudgeon said...

What is magic about horses? If the state needs tax revenues, why doesn't it apply the sales tax to the sale of horseflesh at Keeneland? Oh, yes...because the sheiks wouldn't buy as many. So if you raise a tax, you get less of whatever is taxed? You mean like entrepreneurs? buses? manufacturing plants? prosperous citizens? investment companies?

What do all of these entities have in common? They are being taxed into extinction in Kentucky. Why aren't entrepreneurs placed on the endangered species list like polar bears and Indiana bats?

markwlowry said...

This is not a tax, it is a tax subsidy for millionaires who own horse farms. One of the beneficiaries will be Prince Maktoum of Dubai. The one foreign power with the wealth to put the Kentucky Thoroughbred industry out of business.

He has developed a breeding and racing industry in Dubai that has no international equal and the stupid politicos in Kentucky keep feeding the foreign competition with more tax breaks.

Suicidal stupidity is the mark of a victim in a con game. Beshear thinks we the People are the mark, in his con game when he and the Kentucky Breeders are the real mark with the con coming out of the Middle East.

Don't dismay Kentucky fools. There is always hope the Prince will ship his horse manure to Kentucky so we can use it as a possible fuel for the future.

I am sure the state and local government officials will find a good use for the manure particularly at election time. They think they can feed us mushrooms enough of it with only home grown horse crap.

Thanks for the vote of confidence in the people's ignorance and at the same time a great demonstration of yours in this game of double blind con Guv Beshear.

Second question, Guv are you really the true Banry Fife, and is your revolver loaded or empty? Is anybody home there Barn? You know stupid is as stupid does.