Monday, July 21, 2008

Three citizens sue for waste of welfare money

Three central Kentuckians sued the city of Lexington, the Lexington Health Department, and the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation this morning in the U.S. District Court of Eastern Kentucky for improperly providing welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

The case is a Petition for Writ of Mandate, which any citizen may file for $350 without an attorney, and asks that the defendants be required to follow federal law and stop illegally providing taxpayer-funded benefits to people who are not in this country legally.

Court documents in the case reference specific federal laws regarding verification of eligibility for public benefits, restricting public benefits for unqualified aliens and states that the defendant agencies have ignored those laws.

The petitioners, David Duncan and Wendy Devier of Lexington and Jenean McBrearty of Danville, claim that they filed the suit because they "have no other speedy and effective way to compel the LFUCG and its agencies to stop providing public benefits and services to illegal aliens."

"Removing illegal aliens from the rosters of eligibility will save the Petitioners' and other Kentuckians' taxes and provide more services to legal Kentucky citizens," the petitioners said.

The suit asks for the city of Lexington to be ordered to stop providing benefits to people without valid drivers licenses and Social Security numbers. The suit also asks for the federal government to restrict all federal funds coming into the city of Lexington until the city and all of its agencies are in compliance with federal law.


Anonymous said...

The city of Lexington has plenty of money for nearly everything, so why not provide non-citizens welfare benefits? I guess the $53 Trillion unfunded liability of Medicare and Social Security - or $174,000 owed by every person in the US - is not scary enough for Lexingtonians. How deep does this recession have to get until we wake up?

markwlowry said...

The problems addressed by citizen suits against corrupt government go much deeper than welfare benefits. Local and state government have violated so many state and federal laws that are not presented in this writ, that it makes it impossible for the government to function as a democratic republic.
Our very freedom is at stake. The degree of the corruption and rot in government is the true test this writ faces. We the People will be able to quickly assess if the Judicial system is a part of the Republic or a part of the corruption that is destroying the nation and rule of law.

We the People must be ever vigilant in our defense of our individual liberties and make sure we watch the events of this case closely.

If the Federal judge supports the criminal elected officials that is a good indication the government is on the path to complete failure and a civil war is the only path to remedy the crime and corruption in our elective offices. It appears there is criminal collusion between the judiciary, administrative and legislative branches of our government.

The criminal violation of rule of law and violation of public trust could not occur without that type of close relationship in this criminal enterprise.

john said...

Let's see where this goes. It is time the people took action. I commend the people that filed the lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven for the judicial option. This is the only way to hold LFUCG people accountable. Legal citizens have to follow laws. Eliminate the double standard on enforcing laws and obeying laws now.