Tuesday, September 23, 2008

There must be a pony in here someplace

The Bluegrass Institute hears from our army of critics that all we ever do is complain. The word "solutions" is part of your name, they say, but you mostly just gripe about what you don't like and attack, attack, attack.

While we see promotion of ideas like government spending transparency, public employee benefits reform, education reform, healthcare reform, and better labor policies as positive steps the state could -- but won't -- take, we will admit to sounding -- and feeling -- like grouchy old bears sometimes.

But the evidence (click this link) keeps telling us we are right. In a sense, reality keeps feeding the bears.

"If Frankfort’s policymakers want to see that change, they can."

"They could begin by heeding the advice of Arthur Laffer, a member of President Ronald Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board, who wrote in the foreword of the “Economic Freedom Index” that higher migration rates for economically free states “confirms that states that cut their marginal tax rates, enact right-to-work legislation, and limit frivolous jury awards see an influx of capital, people and businesses.”

At the Institute, we see our role as that of a family member doing an intervention. Until we can get the people who control our state to see the error of their ways, we can't stop trying. We love them, and the state we share, too much. Attacking us personally, as our ideological opponents seem to really enjoy doing, just tells us we are doing it right.

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