Friday, September 12, 2008

Wildest political claim of the silly season

Governor Steve Beshear while busily trying to save the state from too-low cigarette taxes and the hope of for a sustainable public employee benefits program, took time out today to try his hand at being a petroleum economist.

Love this rhetoric:

“I am outraged by the voracious practices of price gouging we are seeing,” said Gov, Beshear. “Today, I have taken an extraordinary step to protect the consumers of the commonwealth from these predators.”

I guess we will all feel safer under the protection of our daring governor as long as a real disaster doesn't lead to shortages -- albeit moderately priced shortages -- at Kentucky gas stations.

And since he says "we are seeing" all this "price gouging," Gov. Beshear shouldn't have any trouble pointing out at least one specific example. Right?

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Hempy said...

Why isn't Gov. Beshear raising hell with Kentucky's federal delegation for not trying to remove hemp from the Controlled Substances Act?

Were hemp legalized, hemp and Kentucky could be a major player in the biofuel energy market.

Were hemp biofuels available there'd be no need for price gouging. Why? Hemp fuels would sell for substantially less than fossil fuels.

Kentucky hemp fields wouldn't be subject to the vicissitudes of Mother Nature's response to global warming in the form of hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico where nearly all the off-shore drilling platforms are located. That's like having all your eggs in one basket.

Hemp fields could be growing all over Kentucky for a variety of some 50,000+ products that would put Kentucky on the map economically.