Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beshear should fold and walk away

Rich Muny, the Poker Players Alliance director for Kentucky, leaves Gov. Steve Beshear empty handed after betting the farm on an internet domain-stealing scheme.

At issue is Beshear's ongoing effort to introduce the concept of state censorship of the internet and expand on the old one of illegitimate seizure of private property. In the Lexington Herald Leader:

"The concept that domain names of Internet sites operating legally in their home nations can be seized by other nations for violation of local laws is one that should concern all Americans."

"For example, should CNN's Internet domain name be at risk if CNN posts an article critical of Cuba that Cuba finds unlawful? Should Focus on the Family's domain name be eligible for seizure by Saudi Arabia for articles questioning Muhammad's status as the greatest prophet?"

Franklin Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate is expected to issue his ruling on Beshear's seizure action tomorrow, October 15.

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