Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CATS Assessment and Accountability Task Force – CENSORED!

State Board of Education To Control Findings

Until yesterday, the information provided to the public consistently indicated that findings from this task force would be collected in a report to be provided to the legislature. Well, forget that.

Now – as announced yesterday at meeting five of the task force – the committee’s findings are going to have to be approved by the State Board of Education. Furthermore, instead of an independent and uncensored report, the task force’s findings will simply be buried in the Kentucky Board of Education’s 2009 legislative request.

If the public had known all of this back in April, then we could have created a truly independent study group, which is the way all previous task force efforts to improve our assessment program have operated.

Now, little time remains until the next legislative session, and if yesterday’s task force meeting is any indication, very little, if any, productive work is likely to be accomplished.

But, even if the Assessment and Accountability Task Force does come up with something new, the public and the legislature will only get to see it through the filter of the Kentucky Board of Education.

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