Thursday, October 30, 2008

CATS Assessment and Accountability Task Force Meeting 6, October 29, 2008

The Kentucky Department of Education’s Assessment and Accountability Task Force Meeting 6 has come and gone with little new to report.

In fact, after six of seven planned meetings, tentative consensus is limited to only one item – a program to assess the arts and humanities more effectively. And, even that consensus seemed to fracture a bit at the end of the meeting.

For meeting details, check out the Bluegrass Institute’s new public policy Wiki.

So far, this task force is on track to accomplish what many suspected from the start – almost nothing.

That’s a shame for our kids, because the group initially did develop a reasonably good list of education issues that needed to be examined. However, with only one meeting remaining, it isn’t likely the group will resolve its unending deadlock on writing portfolios, and time has all but run out for thoughtful development of any really worthwhile proposals for improvement in other areas.

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Anonymous said...

Entire group needs to be replaced to insist the rediculous CATS assessment is a JOKE to begin with. Parents can not tell what level of education their children are receiving. Go back to CTBS which shows reading, math grade level performance. Parents care about their own rather than the competition between schools.