Friday, October 24, 2008

A cautious olive branch for Steve Beshear

Jim Waters' column reaches out to Gov. Steve Beshear:

"Liberty Lovers: Governors who lead."

"I’ve been pretty hard on Gov. Steve Beshear lately for his policy follies, but I also believe he’s done some things right."

"I criticized the administration in this column for dragging its feet in getting the state’s checkbook online, Frankfort announced that by January 2009, hardworking Kentucky taxpayers finally will be able to see online financial transactions involving their tax dollars."

"The governor gets credit — and with that higher approval ratings — for providing the needed leadership to make this a government not only “of, by and for the people,” but more accessible to them as well."

It will be interesting to see how revealing and useful Beshear's web site actually is.

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