Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kentucky first quarter revenues higher

More evidence that Kentucky's fiscal problems represent overspending rather than too-low taxes comes from Budget Director Mary Lassiter's office this morning.

Revenues for the first quarter of the 2009-10 fiscal year were $17,798,488 higher than they were a year ago. Even if you include the $15 million drop in the Road Fund, increased revenues point yet again to the need to get spending under control rather than hitting taxpayers any harder.


Anonymous said...

the fact that road tax receipts are down is a direct indication that road usage is down. if usage is down then wear and tear on the roads should be down as well. granted, KY does not have the best roads in the nation but if we are not wearing them out as quickly they should not need as much repair either.

it almost sounds like the governor is fabricating an issue that is not really there. Shame on you governor!

Unlike many who wear suits in Frankfort, even when the general assembly is at home, I work for a living - I like the idea for keeping what I earn.

The governor needs to follow the lead from the governor's mansion in the Commonwealth of Virginia - cut costs! it is amazing what state government can do without

Nancy said...

Speaking from experience with roads in many states I can say the roads in Kentucky are awesome and interestingly I don't generally drive them, I ride them on 2 wheels with a motorcycle.

The problem with Kentucky is that for some reason it likes being poor and I have never seen another state with such a desire to hold progress back.

Rather than tax those that live in a state where salaries are low to begin with, why not allow businesses to develop (including casinos) in an effort to increase the tax base as well as tourism?

Dry counties should be abolished as was prohibition, which again would increase the amount of revenue received.

Police may want to start writing citations for speeding, tailgating or running red lights on the roads and interstate as opposed to allowing 10mph over, bump drafting and three cars to go through a light after the light has changes. This again would increase revenues.

There are all sorts of ways to ease the pain or cost of government but to increase taxes at a time when folks can't hardly pay the bills they have got is flat stupid.