Friday, November 14, 2008

Beshear Admin: Efficiency Study "proceeding"

The Beshear Administration tells me now that they are proceeding with the Efficiency Study.


They are currently sorting through 3600 efficiency suggestions from employees solicited when Gov. Steve Beshear took office almost a year ago. I was asked to report on efforts to reduce the number of employees and the promised government spending web site, which I did one and five months ago, respectively.

Also learned the Beshear Administration has roughly 460 fewer non-merit employees than the Fletcher Administration had. Certainly a step in the right direction.

And Gov. Beshear says more cuts are on the way.


elendil said...

For them to save $100 million dollars they would have to save $28,000 per suggestion that was submitted.I hope those were all really good suggestions.

Anonymous said...

The Legislature instituted a hugely expensive (dollars and KYTC man hours)efficiency management report for the KYTC.

Can you ask the Beshear staff if they are using the Dye Management Report?

This was a previously commissioned and expensive study. Will the Beshear staff use this as an additional tool or will it forever lie on a shelf along side of every other efficiency study ever commissioned by state government.