Tuesday, November 25, 2008

CATS Scoring Inflation – Here’s the Evidence!

We’ve written plenty about the scoring inflation in Kentucky’s public school assessment program, known as CATS, but some of you clearly have not had time to read it.

Now, a nice discussion of the evidence has been collected in one, easy to read source in the freedomkentucky.org Web site.

Everyone in Kentucky owes it to our kids to take a few moments to check this out and then let your legislators hear loud and clear that we are tired of getting inflated pictures of how our schools are really performing. As I commented yesterday, plenty of legislators seem anxious to fix this issue, but there still are holdouts. So, all our elected state officials need to hear it loud and clear – the inflated nonsense from CATS isn’t what we were promised back in 1990, and with tax dollars now severely constrained, we cannot afford a feel-good fabrication that doesn’t really level with us about our education problems.

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