Thursday, November 27, 2008

Isn't Kentucky Lottery listening?

Kentucky Lottery loyalists foamed at the mouth earlier this year when Senate Republicans forced them to waste a little less money on advertising.

So, sales are up and education money is down:

"That's because the lottery increased its prize payouts to players and paid higher retailer commissions. But the amount of money the lottery paid to state scholarship programs, including the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship or KEES, decreased by about $4 million from $196.3 million in 2007 to $192.1 million in 2008, the audit found."

Yeah, that wasn't exactly the idea. We need to get the lottery folks out of the business of spreading around advertising dollars. And weaning ourselves of lottery "profits" would probably be a good idea, too.


Hempy said...

If we're ever to become a culture that can produce Aristotles', Platos', Socrates', Pathagoras' et. al., we need to invest more in education.

Unfortunately, too many of our politicians are not all that keen about an educated citizenry. Especially Republicans. An educated citizenry tends to vote more Democratic than Republican.

Kentucky Progress said...

Ask the question "educated by whom?" and you will understand that little puzzle.