Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What's a policy blog to do on election day?

This election season has been a rough time for a state-based policy blog such as this one. Real policy discussions fell out of favor with most of the reading public some time ago, only to be replaced by symbols and slogans of highly questionable value.

Tomorrow we lick our wounds, cart off our dead, and reorient our compasses toward making America work regardless of who prevails in today's elections. Here in our commonwealth, the need to set things right quickly can't be sacrificied in favor of political expediency much longer. We just can't afford it.

The resources of the Bluegrass Institute include an increasingly potent voice for fiscal responsibility and growth-oriented economic policies, non-biased education policies, and sustainable government management strategies.

Our regular readers and commenters have been great. Increasing numbers of Kentuckians are discovering the Bluegrass Institute, Freedom Kentucky wiki, and Kentucky Votes and are learning that we stand up for policies that encourage commonsense, data-driven solutions to vexing problems.

Whether you have found us through the recommendation of a friend or by accident, you can help us expand the influence of those who desire smaller, more efficient government by adding your own ideas and helping spread the word.

The fight continues...


Mike said...


Thanks so much for all your hard work and I think you are going to be an important voice in the next 2 years. Looking forward to doing what we can to keep Kentucky on track!

David Adams said...

Thanks Mike. That really means a lot. Keep after them!