Monday, December 1, 2008

Are you "genuinely hacked off" yet? has a great article about South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, complete with audio quotes.

Here's the beef:

"When times are good, people really don't care all that much about 'okay government wastes some money, okay got it. Let me get my kid to soccer practice.' Now, when times aren't so good, they get genuinely hacked off when they hear of someone going out and wasting the stuff that is so precious and hard for them to earn."

In Kentucky, we have done a lot of talking about cutting waste. But we have put little action behind the talk.

Putting all government spending online, from the state level down to every library and school board would be a great start to helping us walk our talk.


Vivian said...

Check out my post about saving tax dollars to Gov. Beshear on the Frankfort State Journal website

David Adams said...

I saw that earlier. Terrific. Thanks Vivian.