Thursday, December 18, 2008

It oinks like a pig

What would you do with $680,000 right now? Would you give it to a Eubank, Kentucky couple to shore up their commercial building business?

Well, you just did.

Gov. Steve Beshear just doled out a Community Development Block Grant(CDBG) so O'Neal and Charlene Dishon could shore up Tin Man Manufacturing, LLC in Stanford.

CDBG is taxpayer-funded pork the Bush Administration tried to defund because the program's "lack of a clear purpose."

Gov. Beshear will surely resume his poor-mouthing and tax increase scheming tomorrow.


Southern Lady said...

Gov. Beshear needs to stop wasting taxpayers money on schemes that only help a few and start figuring out ways to help everybody. Saving that one business is in no way going to help the Kentucky economy. Come on Gov. Beshear learn something new for a change help more than just yourself.

solarity said...

Our dear Governor is a veeerrrryyyy slow learner. He has yet to figure out that he will get absolutely nowhere in the legislature until he makes some kind of peace with David Williams. Beshear's ego prevents this from happening, hence don't look for the Senate to assist in bailing him out.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that was a waste of money. The ultimate "pork" project was the war upon Iraq, though. Other than a continuous headache and a country with some ungrateful inhabitants, we got nothing accomplished with that other to satisfy George's ego.

David Williams helped create this budget mess, too. He did nothing to rewrite the tax code and is doing nothing to solve the problem. This tax mess isn't a partisan thing, but it is a complete and total failure of all three branches of Kentucky's government because of the waste and abuse that goes on.

Anonymous said...

This so called,"improvement",will not and has not done anything to help common people,but you better believe that mr. beshear is getting full.,mr. beshear does not even dserve the title governor.thanks for Nothing!!!!!!!!!!!