Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gov. Beshear says he wants our ideas

Gov. Steve Beshear said via press release this morning that he wants taxpayers to send him government cost-saving ideas.

Here goes: Repeal prevailing wage to lower public construction project costs. Repeal certificate of need to lower healthcare costs. End the practice of doling out corporate welfare "economic development" deals. Stop requiring government agencies to buy newspaper advertising for public notices. Stop allowing legislators to transfer pension credits to higher-paying jobs elsewhere in state government. Require the Kentucky Department of Education to post each of its expenditures online so taxpayers can help them waste less money. Devote less money to need-based higher education financial aid to lower college costs. Stop trying to raise taxes and stop borrowing money we don't have.

Those are a few of mine. Take a minute and click here to give him some of yours.


Anonymous said...

Mine would be stop educating Illegal aliens, force hospitals to only treat LIFE THREATENING illnesses in the ER for those without insurance and ILLEGAL ALIENS. Round up ILLEGAL ALIENS and turn them over to ICE which will then open up jobs for those who are here the legal way which will increase tax revenue for him to waste

Patrick said...

Reduce the $181,000,000 in Medicaid expenses directly tied to smoking related illness by keeping kids from ever becoming addicted.

Who knows how much will be saved in private insurance and Medicare. Raise the cigarette tax a dollar. 92% of smokers started and were hooked before 18.

Anonymous said...

Would be get rid of all these so called conservitive republicans who have no business setting public policy

Kentucky Progress said...


Are you saying you don't like Republicans who aren't really conservative or that you don't like Republicans?

Anonymous said...

Please..... what good has a Republican ever done this country? Why would Rethugs want any part of Government if it is so bad that they would like to drown it in a bathtub? Please give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, noticed there was some Dept of Ed comments. For those of you who don't know there are several agencies under that Dept., several of which employee many post-retired 100 day per year contract employees as well as employees hired through contracts with other groups. For instance, the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation hires several employees on a 100 day per year contract; individuals who have been retired for over 10 years, continue to receive hand outs from taxpayer coffers and have no job duties other than to travel the state on tax payer dollars. Wouldn't hurt to start with asking for a job description for people without a purpose.