Saturday, January 17, 2009

Welfare recipients have satellite tv, too

News from California that the state will suspend welfare checks in two weeks will provide ample video for tv news of the coming riots.

Less visible, perhaps, will be the worried welfare recipients in other states across the nation moving to where the money flow may be a little more secure. As that image settles in, think of the shocking fiscal woes in Illinois and the fact that Kentucky is relatively better off.

A one-way ticket on Greyhound from Chicago to Louisville is only $57. Kentucky should seriously consider limiting public assistance to new arrivals from other states rather than merely hoping no one else is thinking about this.


Hempy said...

As usual, BPB has no solutions other than to whine and complain. Phil Gramm was right about becoming a nation of whiners.

As long as conservatives bemoan the fact that Americans prefer American values, where government becomes a major player in ensuring that the nation's economy remains strong, conservatives such as BPB will continue to whine and complain and rail against American values.

Anonymous said...

Hempy: Your illiteracy is apparant in your answer to BPB. BPB has a primary responsibility to report current events to readers, even Marxist liberals such as yourself.
BPB does, indeed, offer one solution here. Perhaps you missed it in your fog of pre-Obozo inaugural government intoxication. That would be to restrict public assistance to out-of-state arrivals.
The cost of public assistance, incarceration, and education for illegal immigrants exceeds $56 million annually in Kentucky. That figure is estimated to exceed $112 million by 2015.
Of course, Hempy, I suppose you endorse welfare benifits for all non-payers into the system. I suppose you endorse unemployment benifits for all non-payers into the system.
I'm curious, Hempy. Is "Hempy" your way of identifying your practice of regularly smoking hemp?
I only ask because you seem to equate "American values" with government control. You couldn't be more confused.

Anonymous said...

Bravo for Anonymous. I wonder if Hempy can figure out what has happened in California,( a halt on Welfare checks,) and why almost all states, including Ky., are in deep debt. I guess Hempy will be the one whineing when his welfare check is stopped. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to realize there are citizens who have worked and paid into the system all their lives that will suffer.