Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gut check time for state Senators

Thirteen current Kentucky state Senators promised never to support tax increases. If they keep their word, their votes will be sufficient to force the governor to face up to wasteful spending policies.

They are twelve Republicans and one Democrat.

The Americans for Tax Reform tax pledge signers are Sen. Walter Blevins, Sen. Charlie Borders, Sen. Tom Buford, Sen. Julie Denton, Sen. Carroll Gibson, Sen. Ernie Harris, Sen. Dan Kelly, Sen. Vernie McGaha, Sen. Katie Stine, Sen. Robert Stivers, Sen. Gary Tapp, Sen. Elizabeth Tori, and Sen. Jack Westwood.

Yesterday's vote in the House doesn't inspire much confidence. Pledge signers who broke their promise included Democrats Rep. Keith Hall, Rep. Royce Adams, Rep. Bob Damron, Rep. Melvin Henley, Rep. Jim Gooch and Republicans Rep. Jeff Hoover, Rep. Lonnie Napier, Rep. Danny Ford, Rep. Bob Deweese, Rep. Jim Stewart, and Rep. Charlie Siler. Their 11 votes would have been more than enough to kill the tax hikes.

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