Monday, March 23, 2009

With accomplishments like these...

House Speaker Greg Stumbo said this evening "I am proud of the important work accomplished by the legislature, as shown by the following partial list of new laws."

His list of "accomplishments" includes:

HB 143, the pension raid bill
HB 144, the tax increase bill
HB 117, the pension payment deferral bill
HB 153, the milk regulation bill

The best thing about the milk regulation bill is that price-fixing was removed from the final version of the bill. For now.

On the other hand, SB 1, which killed the discredited CATS testing program, was an accomplishment.


Dave Hatter said...

Your forget about HB 347

David Adams said...

I didn't forget about HB 347, the electronic data tax. The post was about a list of bills Stumbo was touting as successes. That bill wasn't on his list.