Monday, March 9, 2009

The gas tax increase is a tax increase

The coming Kentucky gasoline tax increase may or may not be more justifiable than last month's tax increases because the money goes directly to road repair and construction, but it is definitely a tax increase.

Taxpayers looking for details on HB 374, the gas tax increase bill, though, will find on the Legislative Research Commission web site the following. It states the bill has "no fiscal impact."

House Bill 374 pretends that the average wholesale price of gasoline will never go below $1.786. I just filled up my tank for $1.69 in Nicholasville.

No word from the legislature if this causes any conflict with their silly price gouging law.


Hempy said...

No doubt you're devotees to Gov. Tim "Bring Down the Bridges" Pawlenty (R-MN).

He believed it was better not to have a gasoline tax increase and spare the lives of hapless Minnesotans who lost their lives in the Mississippi River when the bridge collapsed.

Presumably you wish the same ill-fortune on Kentuckians.

You're right up there with Rush Limp Balls, hoping America fails. You might want to donate to his Oxycontin and Viagra fund.

Anonymous said...

You are so wrong and so out of touch with real business people. Who exactly are the business people who sponsor this organization? The KY Chamber of Commerce and the KY Farm Bureau were both strongly in favor of the freeze because they realize that #1 it is not a tax increase and #2 we need massive infrastructure improvement in KY in order to compete against IN, TN and OH. Get with the program. You all are calling some fee increases that businesses in the sponsoring legislation's own industry are requesting a tax. I think you all are a little behind. Besides, what about the legislators who voted against the freeze, but then voted for the spending bill and quickly issued press releases taking credit for the "massive spending?" Please respond to my emial.