Friday, April 24, 2009

Pitchforks and torches for Big Ed

One of the surest ways to strike at big, wasteful state government in Kentucky is by building grass roots support for school choice.

When the local public school district isn't properly serving the needs of students and parents, the consumer is currently stuck unless he decides to home school or can afford private school. School choice would create options to empower the consumer.

The choice could be a public charter school or could involve a publicly funded voucher for a private school. Neither option is now legal in Kentucky.

Legislation to allow charter schools or special education vouchers or even non-profit scholarship programs have met with bureaucratic hostility.

A public reaction similar to that in opposition to federal spending and nationalization policies seems both in order and quite doable if we give it a little push.

At the very least, raising awareness about how expensive some of the waste has become in our schools should wake people up.

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