Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is what limited freedom looks like

People who don't have the legal right to protect themselves by possessing a firearm may not value that freedom until it is too late. Similarly, it is difficult for us to understand that those who don't live where they can speak freely or come and go as they please may not even fully comprehend something we take for granted.

Just such a disconnect shows up every time an application for funding of school choice options is denied in a state that has opened the door to school choice options. North Carolina has. In Kentucky, though, we can't really relate to the disappointment felt by reading a story like this:

The only people in Kentucky who know what this feels like are those who pay extra for private school or home school. The rest of us have grown accustomed to being manipulated by state education officials.

Thanks to Michael Moore at the John Locke Foundation for pointing out the article.

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