Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Great Analysis of What Happened During the CATS Debates

Over at the Kentucky School News & Commentary Blog, Penny Sanders, one of the really great personalities on the Kentucky education scene, just posted her analysis of what went on during before and during the debate and passage of Senate Bill 1. Penny is a real straight-shooter who knows a whole lot about education and Kentucky politics, including the pitfalls of CATS that Senate Bill 1 hopefully is going to remedy.

One example of her insight is when Penny says,

…let us remember some of the lessons learned from KIRIS/CATS-that voices of criticism are not necessarily those of opposition but rather of different perspectives. As we undertake the comprehensive KERA review, the focus must be on the merits of the arguments rather than attributing motives and motivation to personalities and politics.

One typo on a bill number aside, Penny’s thoughts are always worth a read.

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