Sunday, April 5, 2009

'Nothing less than a disaster'

Kentucky Club for Growth Executive Director Andy Hightower had the only piece worth reading on today’s Courier-Journal Op-ed page.

Echoing a similar sentiment as my recent column warning taxpayers to “watch out when politicians talk about productivity,” Hightower begged to differ with Senate President David Williams’ assessment that the recently completed legislative session resulted in policies that cause the state to “move forward in a way that will create jobs and economic opportunities for more Kentuckians.”

Hightower’s view: It was “nothing less than a disaster.” He assails lawmakers for having “rushed” tax increases into law “instead of setting priorities and tightening budgets,” for undoing commitments made last June to “responsibly fund” the state’s $30 billion pension obligation and for passing “a new tax on digital services that will drive entrepreneurs across our border.”

I wonder: Which session is Williams’ referring to?

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Hempy said...

If it doesn't involve legalizing cannabis, there's not a whole of of economic growth that can occur in Kentucky.

Sorry Sen. Williams, the old rules aren't working anymore.