Saturday, April 25, 2009

Technical Glitches On Other Sites?

– Some other Education Sites not posting my comments

I’ve noticed of late that several of my comments have not been posted in either the Prichard Committee’s Blog or the Kentucky School News and Commentary Blog.

I don’t know if there is a technical problem with those sites or not.

I both agree and disagree with what gets written in those sites, and both sites filter all comments before posting, so that also could be an issue.

Anyway, for now I’m assuming there is just a technical problem. I am trying to contact the site owners to figure out what is going on, including making this post, as well.

And, so long as your comments don’t get overly abusive, foul, or just way out of line, they are welcome here regardless of whether you want to put your name on them or not, regardless of whether you agree with us or not. We cannot have a transparent site any other way.

So, if we drop your comments, please let us know. In our case, I can just about guarantee it will be a technical problem – one we need to know about.

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