Friday, May 8, 2009

Bad bug already hit Kentucky

The Reason Foundation took a light-hearted shot at big-spending state governments by comparing the spread of irresponsibility through ten states -- including Kentucky -- plus another 23 "at risk" states, to people catching the flu virus.

The best part:

"Not too long ago, current Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin quipped that "[o]ne of the best ways to find funds is to look in other people's pockets." Apparently, governors and legislators in California, New York, Kentucky and a number of other states have bought into this advice and are trying to avoid at all costs (literally) the real spending reforms that desperately need to occur."

"Unfortunately, the taxpayers that get stuck with the final bill for policymakers' perpetual spending bender don't have any other pockets to pick but their own."

Click here to read the rest.

Ensure that you will have a safe, fiscally responsible weekend by washing your hands frequently and take cover quickly if you see a politician who looks like he may sneeze.

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