Sunday, January 31, 2010

More signals – ‘Common Core’ education standards still have issues

Massachusetts probably has the best education standards in the country today. Not only does the state rank at the top on the latest National Assessment of Educational Progress assessments, but its education standards have received high marks from many reviewers.

Thus, today’s editorial from the Boston Globe is catching the attention of education watchers around the country. The Globe first points out that Massachusetts educators support the process to create common standards for all (or nearly all) of the states.

However, after looking at the latest draft of those standards in mid-January, the Globe writes:

“Massachusetts reviewers said, ‘We believe there are still major improvements to be made before Massachusetts can adopt them with confidence.’”

We are told the final version of the Common Core standards are due in mid-February. Perhaps the problems spotted in Massachusetts can be fixed by then, but it would be wise for Kentucky to be ready for a further delay in the final release.

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