Saturday, February 13, 2010

How’s that?

– Newspaper’s honest comments mirror what we’ve said for some time

Following the Common Core Standards adoption hoopla this week, the Frankfort Journal issued a remarkably frank editorial titled “Raising the Bar” (subscription) that laid out some of the past failings of KERA with a notable amount of candor.

The Journal admits that:

“Even after KERA, Kentucky high school graduates have been at a disadvantage when they progressed to higher education, in the commonwealth or elsewhere, and competed with scholars from states where more is demanded of graduates.”

and that:

“The Council on Postsecondary Education found that almost half of the students entering Kentucky’s colleges and universities required remedial instruction in at least one area.”

The editorial goes on to comment about double standards in one school district where students can graduate with very different levels of accomplishment.

The newspaper also mentions “deficiencies in KERA which left many young people ill-prepared for life after high school.”

Kind of sounds like us!

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