Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lexington's Jim Gray makes a wise policy recommendation!

Recently the Lexington Herald-Leader reported that Lexington Vice Mayor Jim Gray called for a halt to the plans to build a new government center for the city. His reasoning is that during these tough economic times, it is unwise to begin a construction project of that magnitude.

Then the paper reported him saying something that's music to my ears:

" business would initiate this kind of undertaking in today's economy"

Yes! That's right! Finally, an elected official makes a policy decision based on fiscally responsible ideas. The public sector must be as efficient (if not more) with the taxpayers' money than a private business is with its own resources.

We need more of this attitude!

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Anonymous said...

Yes. You have an experienced business person making the statement instead of a lawyer. Look at the legal environment. It is totally broken. They charge whatever astronomical fee they put down because clients don't have a choice. It takes forever to move something through the process. But the lawyer gets paid regardless of of the competency of representation. Legal experience is not exactly the cornerstone of cost effective practices and thinking. We need more people in public leadership positions that have competed in the real world and understand the value of a dollar - our dollar by the way.