Friday, February 5, 2010

Politicians 'cronyism' sets new leadership low

We've arrived - it's blatantly all about what's good for politicians now. Politicians certainly don't care what the people think.

It didn’t used to be that way. There was a time when people and companies took pride in their ability to innovate, compete and perform to succeed on a level playing field.

Not now. Too many people find it easier to bribe and intimidate unprincipled politicians for special favors than to take personal responsibility to earn their way.

Consider all of the bribes taking place to get health care votes in Congress and to get positive endorsements by various groups. That approach stinks to everyone but the politicians playing their sleazy game.

Look at how politicians cater to unions that can’t earn their membership without politicians forcing payroll deduction of dues, prevailing wages, union-only project labor agreements on stimulus construction, no right to work option, constraints to school choice and special exemptions in health care taxes.

Kentuckians pay dearly for all of these shenanigans and lost freedoms.

‘Crony Capitalism’ has replaced the basic constitutional approach of free and open competition in our government.

Washington politicians don't even try to understand the ramifications of the thousands of pages of their micromanagement rules on our businesses or us before voting. Yet, politicians in Frankfort remain silent on what Congress is ready to throw our way. Peer cronyism? What happened to principled leadership and representation?

What is now good for our out state and federal controlling politicians is not good for Kentuckians or our pocketbooks. It's time to scream ENOUGH of your special deals and ENOUGH of your self-centered focus! Stick to the constitution and principled leadership!

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