Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unions' desperation showing

Don't be fooled by the spin. The so-called "Employee Free Choice Act" (a.k.a "card check") is not about protecting workers' rights to join a labor union. Few would try and deny employees this right.

Rather, this law -- as today's excellent Bowling Green Daily News editorial notes -- is about "how employees make that important choice."

The proposed legislation would change the voting process from one which uses secret ballots to certifying unions once they had collected a simple majority of signed authorization cards.

As the Daily News states: "Secret ballot elections are almost sacred in a democracy and have served this country well, not only in electing our public officials, but also in our lodges, clubs and churches."

This union scheme is outrageous, but understandable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' annual report on Jan. 22, union membership on private payrolls fell from 7.6 percent to 7.2 percent in 2009.

With membership in the private sector dwindling, labor bosses are so desperate that they are willing to intimidate workers by removing their right to secret ballots so that neither unions nor employers know how they voted.

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Anonymous said...

The union leadership is great at pressuring legislators. That is their discriminator because they found legislators can be intimidated and bought. If union leadership felt really good about what they delivered for their membership they would not be AFRAID of right to work, would compete willingly on jobs without prevailing wage mandates, would collect their dues just like every other club instead getting preferential payroll reduction and would grow because of their service to their members instead of surviving on legislative favors.