Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cash flow: Small businesses understand but do Kentucky legislators?

Private-sector firms in the U.S. eliminated 22,000 jobs in January -- the 24th decline in a row according to Automatic Data Processing Inc.

Small business entrepreneurs learned to operate leaner to survive cash flow challenges during the downturn in the economy. Cash flow considerations in private-sector firms dictate reality.

Government does not have the same cash flow restraint. Government prints money. Government jobs increase during tough times. Rest assured, we and future generations of taxpayers will pay dearly for government's lack of fiscal responsibility.

Many of the jobs and costs small businesses shed are not coming back. Potential government mandates that force more cost on businesses kill any incentive to add employees. The risk is just too high.

Don’t you think it's time for Gov. Beshear and Kentucky legislators to make cash flow the primary consideration just as small business has successfully done? Isn't Kentucky's deficit too high? Isn't it time for Kentucky leaders to make painful decisions just like small business entrepreneurs do?

The answers are "yes," "yes" and "yes"! Kentucky legislators need to put state government spending on a crash diet and put in permanent provisions to prevent politicians from bloating state government up again.


Anonymous said...

This one should be easy. Kentucky is out of cash and there is no plan on the horizon except to pray for federal handouts. Now what?

Anonymous said...

The sad reality is that legislators are addicted to money. They don't have to earn our money, the can just take it.