Monday, March 15, 2010

Daily News gets it right – House leader’s partisan pork barreling hurts kids

If you haven’t already heard, Kentucky House Speaker Greg Stumbo threatened all the state’s representatives with loss of local school building projects if they didn’t vote for his bad idea budget that burdens the state’s most financially stressed businesses with even more economic stress at this highly inopportune time.

Under the speaker’s misguided bully tactic, even if a legislator had some of the states worst condition schools in his district, school construction money would go elsewhere, to less needy school systems.

Now, the Daily News in Bowling Green has called the speaker out.

The newspaper also asks a great question: if we are really interested in doing school construction right, how come the state isn’t suspending the expensive prevailing wage law that drives up school construction costs dramatically?

Good Question.

Bad Speaker.

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