Friday, March 19, 2010

While other states race to act on health care protection legislation, Kentuckys hope is still in the paddock

Legislation is pending in 36 states to limit a federal health care bill's impact outside Washington. The intent is to limit, alter or oppose selected state or federal actions, including single-payer provisions and mandates that require citizens to purchase health insurance.

Idaho and Virginia lead the way with plans to sue the federal government if Congress passes an intrusive health care bill like the current proposal.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli II issued a very clear letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi in which he warns: "Should you employ the deem and pass tactic, you expose any act which may pass to yet another constitutional challenge."

Concerned Kentucky lawmakers have introduced House Bill 307, which contains the Bluegrass State's version of a hard-hitting warning. However, the current legislative leaders are unlikely to even give the bill a hearing -- unless they hear from enough concerned citizens who are likely to vote in the next election.

All the shenanigans associated with the federal bill dictate the time is now for House leaders to let our representatives vote to protect their constituents. The feds don't care what happens to Kentuckians, but that's the top priority of the people's representatives in Frankfort.

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