Thursday, October 28, 2010

Parents, we have a problem

Why aren’t you showing up for school meetings?

Despite all the hype about how great KERA is, one major problem very obviously continues – Kentucky parents are not coming to important school events that concern the education of the children.

I know it’s a problem.

The Courier-Journal says it’s happening in Bullitt County.

And, it isn’t limited to school systems where many parents have modest incomes.

I personally noted a similar lack of attendance several weeks ago at an excellent program run by the Boone County Public School system.

Boone County covers an upper scale Northern Kentucky area, so low parent involvement here indicates something other than income levels is at fault.

So, let’s hear from our readers. Why do you think parents are not coming to important school events that can help them help their children to get a better education? There has to be a reason, and I don’t buy the excuse some educators give that it’s because parents just don’t care (a position a former very high level school official tried to push at a meeting I attended just last night, by the way).


Eternal Pessimist said...

Many parents have jobs that prevent them from attending the meetings. Lots of families have to work hard to make ends meet, which most times means long hours and late nights.

Richard Innes said...

RE: Eternal Pessimist

I suspect meeting times may be an issue.

What times would work best? Parents need to have interface with the schools in some way.

Anyone have any other ideas?