Friday, October 1, 2010

Taxes, laughter, and grades...OH MY! Friday links!

  1. Duh... Donald Boudreaux makes me laugh.
  2. Property taxes in Fayette... In a rare move, the Fayette County School Board has decided not to increase property taxes for the next fiscal year.  Wow. I must say, I am surprised at the restraint. According to, Stu Silberman says this is an attempt to provide relief... In case you were wondering how your property taxes are assessed by local school boards, here's an explanation.
  3. Beshear gets a 'C'...The Cato Institute released the Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors this week.  Kentucky's own Steve Beshear received a score of 54 which was enough to get him a 'C'.  Hmm.  Below is a clip from the report about Gov. Beshear.


Anonymous said...

Considering Beshear's hapless performance as Kentucky's governor, let's hope the anti-incumbent momentum has a trickle-down impact -- from the election of national offices down to the state and local ones. If trickle down economics worked for Reagan, perhaps it will work in Kentucky, as well!

Anonymous said...

I am genuinely shocked that Fayette County property taxes aren't going up. I guess that's one bright spot in this economy.

Anonymous said...

Governor Beshear gets a 'C' based on numbers, not on leadership. A 'C' means a Governor doesn't have to submit a realistic budget to the legislature, doesn't have to address wasting millions of dollars in failing schools, doesn't have to address serious unfunded liabilities, doesn't have to address an obsession to bonding, doesn't have to do an 'efficiency' study he promised to do to save the state $180 million/year, and doesn't have to lead on any tough issues by example.

That 'C' is a passing grade by government standards. It's an 'F' in the real world where people have to perform to keep their jobs.