Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quote of the day

“I believe we are making tremendous progress in many areas." --Supt. Sheldon Berman, Jefferson County Public Schools, site of 12 of Kentucky's 20 Persistently Low-Achieving Schools.


Anonymous said...

Making tremendous progress???

In many areas???

What progress? Few schools in Kentucky are making "tremendous" progress. Credible testing in our middle schools and high schools from the ACT, Incorporated show most Kentucky schools only have a small minority on track for college and careers.

Since progress isn't being made in academic areas, what other areas are progressing? How can we really know that? And, how important is that other progress if kids don't learn academics?

Anonymous said...

Berman should post his aggressive goals and targets against those goals so he doesn't get away with these generally accepted academic comments.

Yes, goals to close gaps in all of his failing schools.

Anyone can set up some micro program that impacts just a few students and scream 'wonderful progress'!

It's way past time for Berman to put up or shut up on turning Jefferson County PUblic Schools around.