Monday, March 14, 2011

Bluegrass Institute's spotlight on school superintendent evaluations having impact

It’s obvious that the Bluegrass Institute’s Operation Open Records effort to highlight the serious deficiencies in public school superintendent evaluations across Kentucky is having impact.

Last week, Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday discussed the evaluation issue with superintendents. The Kentucky School Boards Association reports Holliday said:

“…you’re going to continue to be under great scrutiny,” the commissioner said. “I’d encourage two components for your evaluations: setting goals for student performance and setting goals for the working conditions. If you improve working conditions, you will improve student learning results and you will improve your retention rates for teachers.”

The Bluegrass Institute recently issued a report that shows many superintendents annual evaluations in Kentucky are meaningless rubber stamp exercises that provide the public with little or no information about how superintendents really do their primary jobs – educating students.

Click here to read the Bluegrass Institute’s superintendent eval expose, “Rewarding Failure.”

Check here for the latest updates on all the other Open Records issues!


Anonymous said...

Great work Bluegrass Institute on bringing transparency and accountability to the commonwealth!

Anonymous said...

Great work!