Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nothing 'special' about this administration

Gov. Beshear has called a special session to address the Medicaid budget gap, but won't allow consideration of spending cuts.

Isn't that special?

Remember, this is the rudderless administration that offered a budget last year that relied on $780 million in expanded gambling revenue, all the while knowing that the issue was dead. So by its irresponsibility, this governor forced the part-time legislature to completely start from scratch on budget preparations.

And now Beshear wants to accuse the Senate leadership -- who offered a responsible mix of using one-time funds and cutting spending by a paltry 2.26 percent next year to make up the gap -- of being reckless?

Isn't that special?

Beshear also is adding his pet project -- raising graduation rates -- to the call. This allows the current spineless administration to skirt real education reform, ignore the need for charter schools while spending millions more to keep kids in school without addressing why they are leaving in the first place.

To do that would tick off a key constituency of this governor: the teachers unions and their playmates, the educrats who run the system and care absolutely nothing about the future of our students -- and those out-of-touch legislators who allow it to continue to happen.

Besides, last year, Beshear said we couldn't afford to raise the graduation rates. What's happened since then that we don't know about?

So special.

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Anonymous said...

How does the governor get to restrict the legislature in its separated powers to create legislation?

Sounds like the governor is about to create a constitutional crisis.