Thursday, March 10, 2011

Specials sessions are not free of charge

So, once again, because our elected officials in the Kentucky General were not able to do their jobs in the time allotted to them by the Kentucky Constitution, governor Steve Beshear is ordering them into a special session to come to terms on a solution to the state's Medicaid problem.

Once again, the taxpayers foot the bill at $60,000 each day of the special session.

That price tag sure isn't helping Kentucky's budget problems, is it?

Contact your legislator and tell them to be responsible with Kentucky's money.

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Liberty General said...

But in this case, there is one party at particular fault -- the House leadership. The Senate did its job by offering a plan. The House didn't offer a plan other than "we're not making any cuts." So the cost of a special session needs to be laid at the feet of the House leadership. For more on this, read