Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tsk, Tsk: Beshear burns BIPPS when asked about his failure to achieve promised Medicaid savings

On the defensive about his crumbling Medicaid scheme, governor recoils, calls BIPPS a 'right-wing think tank,' its research 'baloney'

Credit 84 WHAS morning talk show host Tony Cruise with doing his homework and showing what a relentless search for the truth can produce. In this case, it was the questioning of Gov. Steve Beshear about his failure to produce promised savings that prompted a, shall we say, "irritable" response.

Listen to the full interview here.

Following is the exchange between Cruise and Beshear, in which the governor tried to dismiss the leading independent source of transparency and Medicaid facts in the commonwealth:

Cruise: According to the Bluegrass Institute, you had promised $250 million in savings for the current two-year budget. That did not happen. Now, you’re going to pull another almost $170 million out of next year’s Medicaid budget to kind of plug a hole in it. Governor, in all honesty, is that a solution or a Band-Aid?

Governor: “Well Tony, first of all, the Bluegrass Institute’s stuff is a bunch of baloney. You know, that’s a right-wing think tank composed of one person that puts his blog up on the line all the time.”

I will be on Tony's show on Monday to offer a response to the governor's failure to provide transparent, accountable and strong leadership on the Medicaid issue. Read my recent column on the Medicaid mess here.

In that column, entitled "Beshear's 'Bad-Aid' replaced with some serious stitches," I write:

Even if Beshear’s $86 million in Medicaid savings existed — an “if” bigger than the federal deficit — it still falls $39 million short of what his administration promised during the last budget go-around. And that’s just for the fiscal year ending June 30.

Beshear promised $250 million in savings for the current two-year budget. On top of that, his administration pledged significant progress on moving Kentucky’s Medicaid team toward a score of $425 million in savings through managed-care contracts.

Instead, the administration called an audible and asked lawmakers to pull nearly $167million from next year’s Medicaid budget to plug this year’s hole — without spending cuts. Instead, they promised: We’ll find savings through efficient management — next year.

Indeed, “It’s like déjà vu all over again,” Yogi Berra said.

Hmmmm. Notice that last line in my column, then check out what the governor had to say on the show.

Seems like Tony Cruise isn't the only one may be reading the Bluegrass Beacon column.


Mary Jo Leake said...

The governor is responding like most liberal Dems. He doesn't like his obvious broken promises being exposed to the light so since he cannot defend it, he attacks the person, group, etc. that brings it out. This is why they hate "transparency". Oh well, he only has a little while longer to whine.
His pink slip is coming in November.
We right-wing radicals are going to see to it.

Jeff Johnson, founder said...
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Jeff Smith said...

Ahhhh, yet another liberal in a position of power attempting to shoot the messenger rather than argue the message with facts. This is what the left does when they have no response to the truth. They go after the messenger. Good job BIPPS. Please keep it up. I am of the opinion that Governor Beshear is an embarrassment to Kentucky. He AND David Williams need to go, simply go.

Anonymous said...

a one of my favorite right wing radicals said, "Facts are a stubborn thing", John Adams. Keep up the good work Jim!

Anonymous said...

Gov. Beshear is the same person, like all others perverting the Constitution - Liberals that are corrupting KY, who want expanded gambling to pay for a deficit. All hat will never come to pass. The expanded gambling nor the deficit reduction. What we need is a revival of righteousness in KY. You had your opportunity Gov., you FAILed!!!