Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why did Gov. Beshear go AWOL?

More now from Gov. Steve Beshear's recent interview with Tony Cruise on Louisville's WHAS-AM.

Here, Beshear is explaining why he went AWOL from the Capitol after calling lawmakers back into a special session to address Kentucky's Medicaid budget deficit at a cost of $63,500 per day:

Actually, I think what voters expect is for Beshear and those elected to lead by making the tough decisions, right?

Based on November's election, I would also say that those same voters, er, citizens the governor was trying to reach while flying around the state to try and drum up votes, er, animosity against lawmakers who had the audacity to propose spending cuts -- even to the bloated education budget -- aren't thrilled about Beshear's plan to borrow $166.5 million from next year's Medicaid spending plan to plug this year's holes.

Wasn't that election an expression of the outrage against Washington's "borrow and spend" policies? Now the Beshear administration is trying to take the commonwealth down that same path to economic failure.

I wonder: Will we see the outrage over that before the end of the year?

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