Thursday, April 7, 2011

Expecting educational excellence

"We have lowered our expectations to a level where getting by is considered acceptable," wrote Hank Bond, publisher of the Greenup Beacon, in a recent column addressing problems with Kentucky's education system.

Bond, who worked as a public relations professional with a school district for a few years, offers the close-up view of one who has witnessed the challenges of public education on a daily basis.

While he claims "the number one problem ... is the level of interaction and interest of parents," he also hammers on another theme, which really gets to the heart of it: "it's time we as a general population increase our expectations."

And it's not just expectations of parents he addresses, either. Teachers, administrators. superintendents (and we will add lawmakers here) also need to up their game, he says.

"I just have to tell you this, money isn't the answer. It is an expectation of excellence that is necessary," he writes.

And I just have to say: Amen.

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