Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jefferson County schools think because they are bigger, they can be ‘badder’

It’s becoming a typical pattern for Jefferson County Public Schools – dispute every number that shows you are doing poorly instead of digging in to make changes that improve things.

Fox41 reports Jefferson County tops the state for the most problems in a new report on school safety.

Fox also says Jack Jacobs, a spokesperson for Jefferson County Public Schools, claims that comparing the district to other districts in the state is unfair because Jefferson County is so large.

Now, hold on a minute. The new school safety report isn’t based on student counts; it’s based on percentages. Jefferson County isn’t at a disadvantage with that approach.

Besides, while most of the state’s school systems saw a reduction in school safety incidents, the trend went the other way in Jefferson County. That isn’t defensible.

I guess Jefferson County school folks think it’s OK to be bad if you are bigger.

It’s interesting to read some of the comments to this Fox article and ones in the Courier-Journal's coverage.

The district’s crazy busing plan gets mentioned more than once.

Could the busing plan be adding to violence issues? Certainly, recent reports highlighted in this blog show that the buses in Jefferson County are far from peaceful.

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