Saturday, May 7, 2011

Indiana gets voucher law and greatly expanded school choice

While Kentucky parents have virtually no choices in where their children go to school, Indiana has just stepped out with one of the most expansive parent choice programs in the nation.

As we mentioned in April, Indiana was in the process of enacting a historic school voucher law that would allow parents to send their children to whatever school they choose and the school tax dollars would follow their child.

That law has now been enacted and signed.

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says:

“For families who cannot find the right traditional public school, or the right charter public school for their child, and are not wealthy enough to move near one, justice requires that we help. We should let these families apply dollars that the state spends on their child to the non-government school of their choice.”

Daniels explains that Indiana must honor and trust parents to make the right choices for their children.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky the system sends signals to parents every day that it does not trust them.

Read more about the new Indiana law here.

And, here is the Wall Street Journal's take.

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Anonymous said...

naturally Bashear and the Democrats don't want to advance the children in public schools, they would lose the Dem. vote, the educated ones vote Republican. Go Phil MOFFETT !!! and lets get our kids educated !!!!!!