Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whatever gave it away?

Without charter schools, Kentucky is once again set up to miss out on Race to the Top funding.

The Obama administration announced today that it will release a third round of RttT cash. Kentucky and eight other states are eligible to compete for a $10 million to $50 million slice each of the third round's $200 million pie -- much smaller than the first two phases totaling $4.35 billion.

But state education officials are questioning whether to participate, since the results will likely be the same again. The Lexington Herald-Leader reported today that Kentucky Department of Education spokeswoman Lisa Gross said: "If charters remain a key requirement in the third round, it might not be beneficial for Kentucky to apply."

Probably not, considering every single one of the other eligible states --
Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and South Carolina -- allow charter schools.

States that won RttT funding in the first two rounds also allow charter schools: Delaware ($100 million), Florida ($700 million), Georgia ($400 million), Hawaii ($75 million), Maryland ($250 million), Massachusetts ($250 million), New York ($700 million), North Carolina ($400 million), Ohio ($400 million), Rhode Island ($75 million) and Tennessee ($500 million).

Whatever gave it away that Kentucky would probably not get additional funding since it still doesn't allow charter schools within its borders?

Whatever gave it away? Whatever could it be?


Logan said...

The education system places a high premium on diversity yet doesn't allow diversity of options.

Richard Innes said...

Even if we got some money this time, the pot is pretty small.

Our refusal to allow charter schools has cost this state dearly in both money and lost opportunities for children. And, we will continue to pay that price so long as legislators allow "Adult Interests" to overshadow the needs of our kids.

slol1 said...

It is clear the education heirarchy is stuck in the mode 'if all else fails lower your standards'.

Real adult leadership would set aggressive targets to take Kentucky's education results up at a pace achieved by no other state AND hold people accountable to achieve those targets.

To do that they would have to pull up some anchors and decree this is how we are going to do things around here from now on. The focus would be on results, not good intentions, not getting along.

Our kids have to compete in a world-wide competitive market. They deserve a fighting chance.

Getting along has condemned too many kids to a future with no hope because of an unacceptable education.

And the adults in control shout 'but free lunch, broken families, others aren't doing our job well enough, ...!

Real adult leadership would respond 'bring on the competition, bring on the change, we will outperform everyone'!

Good! Let's roll!