Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fighting summer education losses

A lot of research says kids tend to lose some of the skills they learn in school during summer breaks.

In one attack on the problem, educators in Boone County are offering summer reading books at low cost that are targeted at the proper age level for students.

Whether a parent chooses the Boone County approach, or using summer programs at a local library – many are free, or doing something on line with their child, a little extra effort to keeping your child reading during the summer can go a long way towards keeping your child up to speed and ready when school starts up again.

Also, spending a little time to read with your child may help you learn if he or she is having reading difficulties that require extra attention. This is especially critical during the first three years of school, because after the third grade, students are no longer being taught to read. Instead, they are expected to be able to read to learn.

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