Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jefferson County school bus director clueless about increase in incidents

I guess the violence on Jefferson County school buses will finally stop – after school shuts down.

Meanwhile, the Courier-Journal reports that the director of transportation, Rick Caple, says he didn’t know that there had been a sharp rise in reported bus incidents in the last two years.

Yeah, Right!

Someone in Jefferson County must have learning disabilities, and they are running this crazy system.

It’s time to split this monster school district up and return to a neighborhood schools system. We need to do that so proper focus can finally be directed to those schools where staff doesn’t perform.

Right now, Jefferson County is just hiding problems by moving kids all over the place while a superintendent with too many schools to watch inevitably winds up missing some really big problems. Problems like the fact that the majority of the Persistently Low-Achieving Schools in Kentucky are found in this one district.

It’s clearly time for the state to move in, as Jefferson County seems incapable of learning the obvious lessons here, and thousands of kids are suffering for that ignorance.

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